Hall construction

From production to storage halls and from distribution to transport companies. Webru has ample experience in the construction of all types of halls with additional spaces or, for instance, an office.

Utility buildings

All buildings that are not intended to be used for residential purposes, are utility buildings. Here you can view a number of the projects we have realized.

Car industry

Garages, carwash centres, service centres and showrooms, Webru has done quite a few buildings for the car industry. Webru would like to show you a number of projects.

Shops and Wholesale dealers

Webru has built many wholesale and retail businesses. The past few years premises were built for Gamma and Wildkamp, to name but a few. An impression of the projects.

Biodiesel & Oil industries

An aspect that will gain more and more importance in (business)life: sustainability. Biodiesel will play an increasingly large part. Webru has built various biodiesel factories.